LEGO Competition

This competition was open from Tuesday 28 September – Saturday 9 October.

Thank you to everyone who entered our LEGO competition. We hope you enjoyed creating your entries.

The Winners are listed below and have been notified to collect their prizes.


LEGO Legends at the Library

Aged  5 to 10 years

1st Prize                Isabella Dubois

2nd Prize               Yasmin Alrubaie

Aged 11 to 15 years

1st Prize                Tenayah Dineley

2nd Prize               Michael Amhrose


LEGO Legends at the Museum

Aged  5 to 10 years

1st Prize                Lilly Morrow     

2nd Prize               Van Cooper

Aged 11 to 15 years

1st Prize                Balin Cooper               

2nd Prize               Lily Causer