Our commitment to safety and wellbeing

Our commitment to safety and wellbeing

Release date: 
31 March 2020

As we continue to navigate our way through the challenges caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, I wanted to let you how the Federal government’s newest social distancing rules have impacted the City’s outdoor facilities. 

On Sunday, the Prime Minister announced  that no more than two people should gather in public spaces and that playgrounds, skate parks and out door gyms, should be closed.  The City of Armadale has now moved to comply with the federal and state government directive. We know children will be upset by these closures and might not understand the reasons why, but it’s very important for everyone to follow these measures.  Ovals and other grassed areas can still be used by the community, providing social distancing is practiced. 

The City’s dog parks will also be closed due to the federal government’s weekend announcement.  Dogs can continue to be exercised on a leash, at many locations around the City.  It is unfortunate that these additional closures have become necessary, but we all have to be united in ensuring that we can stop the spread of COVID-19.  I encourage people to keep exercising.  Even going for a walk with your children or dog can keep your body and mind healthy. 

Although these new measures will limit our enjoyment of public places, it is important to remember that they have been made with the intention of reducing the risk faced by vulnerable members of our community. 

As the Prime Minister and Premier have emphasised, I also urge that you only leave your home in order to conduct essential activities, including; 

  • Shopping for what you need – such as food, pharmaceuticals and other important supplies;
  • Medical care or compassionate reasons;
  • Exercise (in compliance with public gathering rules);
  • Work and education that cannot be carried out remotely.

Based on advice from the Chief Medical Officer, members of  our community aged over 70, people aged 60 and above with underlying medical conditions and Aboriginal Australians aged over 50 are advised to self-isolate if possible.

Recently some of our residents would have received a flyer containing Easter opening times and bin collection dates.  Drastic changes at the City, means the information is already out of date as it was distributed prior to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The City of Armadale’s waste services will continue to operate, and the information relating to bin collections during the Easter period is correct, however, the opening hours have changed.  I apologise if this has caused any confusion. Please visit our website for more information - www.armadale.wa.gov.au

This time of hardship will eventually come to an end, but it is what we do today – as individuals and as a community – that will determine how well we emerge from this crisis. 

Please ‘Stay home if you can and Stay safe’ – we owe it to our family, our friends and our neighbours.

Mayor Cr Ruth Butterfield