Reserve an item

To reserve an item you’d like to borrow, begin by searching for a title in the online catalogue.

When you find the title you want, click on Place Reservation. You will also be shown how many other reservations are on this title, if any.

You will be asked to enter your library card number and password. You will also need to select which library to collect your reservation from. Click on Place Reservation to submit your request.

(Note: If you have already logged in to the online catalogue, your details will already be filled in and you can just click Place Reservation unless you wish to change the collection location).

If your reservation is successful you will see the message below.  This also shows how many reservations are ahead of you.

You will receive an email or letter when your reservation is ready to collect.

You can also reserve more than one title at a time. When you do your search, just tick the boxes next to the titles you wish to reserve and then click Reserve Selections.

You will be asked to enter your library card number, password, and collection location. You can also select how many titles you receive – for example you may reserve 5 guide books but only need the first two which arrive.

Click on Submit to make your reservation.