Picture Armadale

Picture Armadale

Picture Armadale is moving!

The version of Picture Armadale that has existed for the last five years will be deactivated in late May 2017.

A new integrated Picture Armadale is being created and should be complete by September 2017.

Temporarily during the changeover, customers can use the standard Library catalogue to find all the local history images (and more) that were available on the old Picture Armadale.

Download a short step-by-step PDF guide to finding images on the Library catalogue.

Picture Armadale, the online photograph album, gives you direct access to over 1000 historical images from our district's pioneering past. Start searching and be amazed at the transformations in our places, people, vehicles and fashions. Rate your favourite images or add information to help create a richer picture of our City's history!

It’s easy to click-n-share images from Picture Armadale on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Reddit and many more of your favourite places.

Many of the images you find can be downloaded and saved for research purposes.

Hidden Gems in the Family Albums?

If you think some images in your own collection show how the City of Armadale used to be – whether it’s a snapshot of a picnic at your local park, a streetscape from years ago or a group photo – there are always opportunities to share them. Contact the Birtwistle Local Studies Library on (08) 9394 5641.