Computers & Wi-Fi

Public Access Computers

Each of our libraries has computers which have access to the internet, as well as Microsoft Word and Excel.

Each library member is allowed two hours of free access per day across all our libraries - you will need your library card and PIN to access the computers.

Computers may be booked for up to one hour at a time, and your time can be extended up to the two hour limit. If you need more than two hours use, you may purchase a further two hours of use for $2.

If you do not wish to join the library, are visiting the area, or have forgotten your library card, you may purchase a Guest Pass for $2 which allows for two hours of computer access.

Please note reservations may be essential at busy times. You can reserve a computer up to one week in advance either online or in the libraries.

Note:     Each library also has one Express Use computer which can be used for a maximum of 15 minutes per person per day. Time cannot be extended on this computer, and it cannot be booked.


Printing is available at each library and costs 20c per A4 black and white and 40c per A4 colour.

When printing from our Public Access Computers you will need your library card (or Guest Pass) and password to release the print job from the self-service print station.

The print station has a coin box attached which accepts coins and notes and gives change.

You can use our mobile print service to send jobs to the printer from home, or your personal devices.


Scanning is available free of charge at each library.

You will require a USB flash drive to scan documents.


Free wireless internet access is available in each of our libraries during normal opening hours; simply look for the library Wi-Fi and connect.

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