Mobile Printing

Mobile Printing

The City of Armadale Libraries offer Mobile Printing.

What is Mobile Printing?

The service allows you to send documents to our printers from your tablet, smartphone, laptop or home computer.

You do not need to be a library member to use this facility.

What can be printed?

Most documents can be printed, including Word documents, emails, PDFs, tickets, boarding passes, and images.

Documents which cannot be printed directly can be saved as a PDF then sent to print.

What are the printing costs?

A4 Black and White $0.20 per page
A4 Colour $0.40 per page
A3 Black and White $0.40 per page
A3 Colour $0.80 per page

How to print

There are three ways to use Mobile Printing.

  1. Princh App

    Manage your printing by downloading and installing the Princh app onto your device. The Princh app is available for free from the App Store or Google Play Store. 

  2. Printing via email

    Send an email with your document or image attached to the unique email address for the library branch where you will retrieve the printing.

    You will receive a confirmation email that your printing has been received.

  3. Printing via the website

    To print from your laptop or home computer, follow the links below for the library branch where you will retrieve the printing or open the relevant document to scan the QR code.

How to pay for and release your print jobs

  • Go to the Print Station to pay and release your print job.
  • Log in with the email address you provided.

Why can’t I find the print job?

The mobile printing can take up to five minutes to display the print job – wait a little while and try again.