3D Printing

Armadale Library has a FlashForge Guider 2s available for members of our community to access and use to print 3D objects.

You can bring in your design(s) to Armadale library in either .STL or .OBJ format, or email them to the Digital Services Officer, along with a 3D Print Job form. The library does not provide a design service.


Our 3D printer uses PLA and ABS plastics, and there are a large variety of colours available (download a job form for details).


Charges are based on total print time with the first hour costing $10 and each additional hour (or part thereof) $3. Chat to our Digital Services Officer about your design to find a great balance of speedy output and print quality.


You are limited to the build area of the 3D printer: maximum build size of 250mm(L) x 280mm(W) x 300mm(H).


The 3D print service operates as ‘first come, first served’ and can depend on the size of the waiting list. We may be able to print your design within a day or two, or it could take longer than a week. Completed prints can be collected, once notified, from the Library's front counter. Payment is due on collection.

Hints and tips

If you choose to paint your build, it's recommended to use acrylic paints on the PLA surface, although enamel hobby paint has also been used successfully, Makerbot have released a handy painting guide as well.

What to Print?

Building is only limited to your imagination and skills. 3D printing is ideal for rapid prototyping, scale models, replacement parts, custom builds, toys... the list is endless!

Thingiverse.com is a repository of 3D models that are open source and free to use and print, you can even contribute your own 3D models to the community!

There are many free and open source design programs available as well:

• TinkerCAD

• Sketchup

• Blender

• OpenSCAD

Form Moulding

The library also offers the use of a Mayku FormBox for creating quick and simple moulds.

Charges are based per sheet with the first sheet costing $10 and each additional sheet $3.

Sheets are limited in size and have a maximum area of: 150mm(L), 150mm(W); with a maximum draw depth of 130mm.

See our job form for more information regarding materials available.


3D printers don’t just make useful and amazing objects, they can help make strong community links. The library hopes to bring together those creative and talented people in our city and help them connect so new and interesting projects can be created!

Perth also has its very own Hackerspace! The Perth Artifactory is located in Osborne Park and has a large warehouse with robotic and non-robotic tools, technology and workspaces. Give them a visit and make something.


Makers are very big on helping each other, whether it is teaching new skills like 3D modelling or fixing a design and passing it on, you’ll find some very skilled people willing to help if you ask. Don’t be afraid to ask for help or suggestions, and in turn be open and willing to help others.

We are looking for community members with skills from 3D design and electronics through to textile and costume design to expand our maker community, drop us a line if you want to get involved!

Makerbot prints